We know how privileged the pups are that come and stay with us, and it is our dream that one day all dogs will get to experience the same kind of lifestyle. That’s why we regularly work with charities like Mdzananda, Tin Can Town, Sidewalk Specials and The Woof Project by Oscar’s Arc.

We have also partnered with Oscar’s Arc to create an adoption centre and permanent space for their dogs to enjoy and find new homes, right in our dog park! Every week, 20 dogs will come and stay with us, to try and find new homes and make new friends. Adoptions are open every weekday from 12h:30 to 14h:00, so do come and check out these amazing animals.

Community Upliftment

Cape Town is not only our favorite place on the face of the earth, the people here are also some of the most talented! We understand that in order to grow as a society we have to think like a community, and we want everyone to have a piece of the cake and strive for excellence.

At atFrits, we create some of the most beautiful and fashionable canine couture this side of Pawda, Versuchagoodboy and Growlcci and we do so by using excellent seamstresses that are desperately in need of an income to sustain and take care of their families.

We love our ladies, and we are so happy that we can extend a helping paw to help them keep doing what they do best.

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