What are your hours?

24 hours.
Daycare: 06:00 – 19:00.
Night care: 18:00 to 00:00.
Hotel services: 24 hours.

Can people stay at your hotel?

Well, we love the humans that take such good care of us, but unfortunately this hotel is strictly for us furry four legged beauties.

Can I take a tour?

But of course! Just waltz right in and we’ll show you around. Trust us when we say that you’ll be so enchanted you’ll be back very, very soon.

How do I make a reservation?

Book online here. Or pop by and we’ll sort out the details.

What time is check-in and check-out for boarding stays?

We understand that everyone has a busy schedule, so you can check in whenever during business hours. Check out time is 10am, but luckily for those who need a little bit of extra time.  We offer a late check out option for an additional daycare charge.

What do I need to do to make a reservation?

We will need a little paperwork but rest assured that this won’t take long. You can download them here or pick them up at the @Frits front desk. Please have current vaccination records ready, we want to make sure your pet is healthy and taken care so we can pamper away.

Do I need to make daycare reservations?

Look, we understand that things can get hectic so daily drop ins are okay. But try your best to make reservations or have a standing one so that you can avoid disappointment in future. This way, your pooch will always have a spot at @Frits.

Daycare cancellation policy

We ask that you give 24 hours for daycare cancellations, this way we can give your spot to another dog that needs a home away from home. No shows will be charged the full fee for the reservation. If you miss two appointments without notice, your future daycare reservations may be cancelled so try your best to let us know when you can’t make it. A daycare package is required for all standing reservations.

What are your boarding requirements?

We require a veterinarian certificate indicating proof of vaccination for Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). We recommend the Bordetella vaccination be administered every 6 months, within the year is required. Otherwise all the other pups will be coughing away and not etting the chance to fully enjoy their @Frits experience. If the Bordetella vaccine has never been given, or if it has expired, a 7 day waiting period is required after the administration. After that you’re free to pop by and join the family!

For all other vaccinations, a 24 hour waiting period is required after the first administration of a vaccination or if it has expired. Have your vet email us a copy to

All guests must be treated with an effective form of flea control. All guests must be 4 months or older. To join daycare, all guests must be spayed or neutered, unless under 7 months of age. Once they are over 7 months of age they must be spayed or neutered in order to socialize with the other guests in daycare.

Guests who attend daycare will require a brief temperament evaluation — think of it as a simple “meet and greet.” This ensures the safety of all our guests. We’ll get to know your pup before he or she joins, and this way we can see what group would be the right fit and how they play with others. So be sure to book a temperament evaluation before signing up. It’s kind of like pet speed dating, if you think about it.

Why the long waiting period for Bordetella?

Our 7-day policy ensures that guests with little or no immunity have not been exposed accidentally and infected with an illness while visiting their veterinarian to get vaccinated. Safety first!

Can I bring my own dog food?

Of course you can! We actually like it better that way because then your pet’s special dietary needs remain looked after and we avoid any unfortunate (or explosive) situations. If you have a standing reservation, we’ll cater to your dog’s palette!

Will you give my dog their meds?

We’re happy to oblige. We can administer any non-injectable medication. You’ll just have to specify the dosage and intervals between consumption.

Can I bring personal items for my dog’s stay?

As a full-service dog hotel, we provide the comforts of home including premium dog bedding and bowls and other fun things for them to play with. But sometimes nothing beats a piece of home or a favourite toy or blanket, so bring it along and set your dog at ease. Just be sure to mark them clearly and limit to two or three items.

What is included in the daily rate for my dog?

We have several room types with different rooms, each with its own purpose and feel. The dogs are sorted into play groups and are attended to at all times by trained staff. Then there are the luscious beds that await them come nap time, and yummy food when the tummies start growling.

Is your facility secure?

Yes, we have @Frits staff here 24/7/365. Our hotel also features security guards.

What do I need to know about booking over the holidays?

For best availability, it is recommended reservations be made well in advance. Seriously, we’re kind of a big deal. Similar to a human hotel, @Frits utilises holiday/peak period pricing. 10% off additional pup’s in same family in same room still applies. We’re like the Hilton for dogs, so let us know when you plan on staying so we can set space aside for you.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

For non-holidays, please notify us of your cancellation 48-hours in advance.

For holiday reservations, we require 10-day advance notice and a non-refundable deposit. If you fail to do so we will require 50% of the original price as remuneration for the wasted reservation. No shows will be charged for the reservation in its entirety.

How old must my dog be to join @Frits?

AGE: Any age dog is are allowed at @Frits as long as the dog meets the @Frits criteria and is not temperamentally impaired or unmanageably vicious. Puppies may begin day care as long as they are a minimum of 3 months old and have had their first three sets of vaccinations as well as a Kennel Cough vaccine.

When can’t I bring my dog to @Frits?

All dogs that come to stay with the @Frits family must be in good health, and in good spirit. Please do not bring your dog if they have or have recently been sick with an infectious disease. Also make sure that your dog is tick and flea free, as this could cause big problems for the other dogs and cause us to shear off all the fur in the building. Kidding, we love dogs too much but you get the picture.